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Energy Regulation and Investments - Energy Regulatory Office at ERRA conference in St. Petersburg. Marek Woszczyk elected to the ERRA authorities

The celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) began in December 2010 and ended with an Energy Regulation and Investments Conference organised by ERRA in St. Petersburg. This time the Russian regulator and the City of St. Petersburg hosted the conference and all of the accompanying events. ERO was represented by the President - Marek Woszczyk and the Coordinator for European and International Affairs - Kamila Kloc-Evison.

Regulatory role on the energy market - monitoring task

The participants of the two day ERRA conference included not only the representatives of the regulators associated in ERRA but also regulators from other European countries, members of the consumer associations and energy sector organisations and enterprises.

On the second day of the conference, during the session dedicated to the regional energy markets, Marek Woszczyk - President of ERO took part in a panel discussion on the energy regulators’ involvement in monitoring the energy markets. Mr Woszczyk spoke about the regulators’ responsibilities resulting from the III Energy Package and defined the monitoring as the active, not passive, observation and analysis of what is happening on the market. Mr Woszczyk also linked the monitoring of the market with the stage of its development.

Polish regulator elected anew to the ERRA Presidium

One of the events accompanying the conference was ERRA General Assembly. During the meeting the members of the Association elected its governing body. Gabor Szorenyi became the President for the consecutive cadence and ERO’s President - Marek Woszczyk was elected the member of the ERRA Presidium. During the General Assembly meeting Mr Mariusz Swora - the former President of ERO - became the honourable ERRA member. Mr Swora was the Vice President of the Association from April 2010 to May 2011.

ERRA General Assembly is the highest decision making body that oversees the actions of the whole organisation. GA consists of all full members of ERRA. The ERRA Presidium is a representative and executive body and consists of 7 GA representatives elected for a 2 year cadence.

ERO President Mr Woszczyk participated in the meeting of the Presidents of Regulatory Offices associated in ERRA. Other meetings of commitees and working groups also took place. Ms Małgorzata Wesołowska - Head of Unit in the Department of Energy Enterprises represented Energy Regulatory Office during the meeting of the Licensing/Competition Committee.


ERRA is the association of 33 Regulators from Middle and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. The organisation was established in 2000 when the representatives of 15 countries from Middle and Eastern Europe signed the document constituting the new Regulatory Association in Europe.


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