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ERO about EU’s regulatory policy during the Polish Presidency in the EU Council

European Union’s external energy policy is one of the priorities of the Polish Presidency in the EU Council. ERO experts took part in the international seminar “How to deepen and extend the Energy Community?”

Representatives of regulatory bodies, World Bank, energy sector and expert institutions talked in Copernicus Science Centre about the vision, goals and prospects for development of the Energy Community, especially in the context of reinforcement of the cooperation with the Eastern Partnership.

During the seminar “How to deepen and extend the Energy Community” Halina Bownik-Trymucha - Director in Energy Regulatory Office’s Department for Promotion of Competition, held the session on EU’s regulatory policy in the context of promotion of investment - “Investment attractive market(s) - regulatory framework” with the participation of Dirk Buschle - Deputy Director of Energy Community Secretariat, Rafał Wittmann - Director of Development and Investment of GAZ-SYSTEM and Bartłomiej Gurba from Directorate-General for Energy of European Commission who talked about the importance of the 3rd package.

Four sessions of the seminar were devoted to: extending the cooperation with the Eastern Partnership, regulatory policy that should support investments in the EU energy market, infrastructure investments and challenges that stand before EU Member States before and after 2016.

The first session “Shift towards the East” was devoted to the cooperation with the East in the field of energy. Among the participants were representatives of Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey. During the session held by Paweł Osica - Director of Centre for Eastern Studies, the necessity of extending the cooperation within the Energy Community of the EU was discussed by Fatih Kölmek - Advisor to the Plenipotentiary of the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority in the lecture “Enlargement of the Energy Community to the East.”

The conference “How to deepen and extend the Energy Community?” was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Polish Presidency in the European Council.


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