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The Gas Release Program by PGNiG - open public consultation

On 14th February, the draft of the Gas Release Program (PUG) has been published for consultation by the Polish gas company PGNiG SA. This document is open for consultation on PGNiG’s website.

The consultation closes on 28th February, 2012.


The Gas Release Program has been prepared by PGNiG in connection with the Roadmap for gas prices release in Poland, a document that is currently being drafted by the polish regulator, the Energy Regulatory Office. The Roadmap foresees that PGNiG will offer natural gas in size of at least 70% of the national consumption on the commodity exchange. It is a requirement for the release of gas prices for industrial and commercial customers. The gas offered within the Gas Release Program should be available for all market participants on conditions consulted with them and agreed with the regulator afterwards.

We would like to invite all market participants, as well as parties interested in entering this market, to actively join the consultation on PGNiG’s Gas Release Program to make sure the implementation of the Program will meet all expectations and allow the regulator to decide to release the gas prices for industrial and commercial customers as of 1st January 2013.


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