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DE-AT-PL-4M MC NRAs request to initiate the interim project for a NTC-based market coupling between DE, AT, PL and 4MMC (DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project)


On 21 December 2018 ANRE, BnetzA, E-Control, ERU, HEA, URSO and URE asked together in a joint letter DE-AT-PL-4M MC TSOs and NEMOs to initiate the interim project for a NTC-based market coupling between DE, AT, PL and 4MMC (DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project) in order to further develop regional integration of day-ahead organized electricity markets.

The DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project – if implemented – will merge finally 4M MC cooperation with the MRC Multi-Regional-Coupling project and will represent an important step forward to the extension of the European Single Day-Ahead Coupling foreseen by European Legislation.

Timely implementation of the DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project will introduce the benefits of implicit capacity allocation of day-ahead cross-border capacities on HU-AT, AT-CZ, CZ-DE, DE-PL, CZ-PL and PL-SK borders even before the Core Flow Based Market Coupling Project (FBMC) will go live.

Thus, DE-AT-PL-4M MC Coupling Project could enable a stepwise transition on the affected borders from NTC-based explicit allocation towards the flow-based implicit allocation providing more transparency for the market during external testing of FB MC.

In view of DE-AT-PL-4M MC NRAs the DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project will not just lead to more efficient allocation of cross border capacities on the affected borders and bring higher social welfare gain, but also it improves price convergence contributing to a more reliable electricity price formation on the regional DA markets and providing more liquidity and trading opportunities for the market participants in the region.

In parallel to the execution of the DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project all the involved project parties and NRAs reaffirm their commitment to the timely implementation of target solutions and methodologies stemming from legally binding EU legislation.

Further information on the elaboration of DE-AT-PL-4M MC Project will be provided in a timely manner by the project parties i.e. DE-AT-PL-4M MC TSOs and NEMOs.




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