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Rafał Gawin appointed for the position of the ACER Board of Regulators’ Vice Chairman

On 17th of March the ACER Board of Regulators (BoR),has chosen, Rafał Gawin, the President of URE for the position of the Vice Chairman of the ACER BoR. The term of office is two and a half years.

I perceive the role of the Vice-Chair as an opportunity to work even more actively in ACER and share the knowledge and experience of Polish NRA. Taking into consideration the importance of this body, as the BoR Vice-Chair I would like to contribute to more effective and better functioning of the Agency and NRA community. It is of crucial importance at a time when the energy market is facing many fundamental changes – says Rafał Gawin, the President of URE, Polish NRA

The energy sector - at European, regional and national level - faces many challenges regarding its transformation, the implementation of EU regulations, the European Green Deal strategy - the role of national regulatory bodies in these processes will be significant. URE can bring significant experience to the works of the Agency by representing an important voice of the region in the process of operationalisation of European climate and energy policy.

Poland belongs to three regions requiring the cooperation of national regulatory authorities (Baltic, Hansa and Core) which makes our country obliged to align to different market arrangements while ensuring sufficient harmonization of adopted arrangements. We have already succeeded in implementation of Polish Multi-Nemo Arrangement (MNA) and XBID project. Poland is also involved in ongoing processes related to implementation of Interim Market Coupling on Polish borders and Flow Based Market Coupling in Core region. The Baltic Pipe and Harmony Link projects may also serve as an example of Polish active participation in bilateral and regional cooperation with NRAs and relevant stakeholders.


  • The Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) is an EU agency based in Ljubljana. It has been operating since March 2011.
  • The Board of Regulators, together with the Administrative Board and the Director, form the foundation of the organisation. The ACER BoR is an opinion-making and advisory body to the Director of the Agency and its members shall take strategic decisions relating to its operation. The cooperation of regulatory authorities is mainly carried out through the ACER BoR, and through working groups and task forces that support the Agency in its work towards the creation of the internal energy market. The activities of the Agency are primarily focused on the integration of national markets into one common EU energy market.
  • ACER also has the power to monitor the internal markets for electricity and natural gas, in particular electricity and gas prices, access to the grid, including access to energy produced from renewable energy sources.
  •  The Polish regulator is a member of the organization and actively participates in its works.


Additional information for the media::

Agnieszka Głośniewska
Department of Public Communication URE
tel. (+48) 22 487 55 94


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