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In the first quarter of 2022, the average selling price of electricity on the non-regulated market was 468.35 PLN/MWh

At the same time, the price of electricity sold by generators under bilateral (OTC) contracts averaged PLN 466.6/MWh.

Just one year earlier, electricity could be contracted on the non-regulated market for little more than half of the price (PLN 243.71/MWh on average). At that time, the difference between the OTC market and the non-regulated market was greater at over PLN 6/MWh.


  • The average electricity price in the non-regulated market includes electricity sales (volume and value of electricity sold) by generators and trading companies in the non-regulated segments of the domestic wholesale electricity market (i.e. to trading companies under bilateral contracts[1] and to the power exchange). The calculation of the average does not take into account electricity sales to the balancing market (due to its technical nature).
  • In case of vertically consolidated groups, volume of electricity sales and the value of sales to trading companies outside the group and to the power exchange were taken into account in the price calculation.

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