International cooperation

Completion of the European energy market integration is one of the main EU goals. This process is aimed at providing EU consumers with real choice possibility, increasing the level of cross-border trade, delivering competitive prices, achieving higher standards of service and contributing to security of supply and sustainability.

On 4 February, 2011, the Council decided that the EU markets integration process should be completed by 2014. This, in turn, has influenced the pace and direction of further actions (on the European, regional and national level) that should be undertaken to finalize the integration of energy markets.

According to the 3rd energy package provisions, a national regulatory authority should actively participate in the process of the EU energy policy implementation. Polish regulator actively takes part in the creation of common energy market through its involvement in works of ACER, Regional Initiatives, permanent cooperation with NRAs from other Member States as well as European institutions, including the European Commission.

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