Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) is an independent, voluntary association of energy regulators from the EU member states and other European countries. Its key tasks include facilitating the creation of a single and competitive internal energy market in Europe. CEER is a platform where the European regulatory bodies can cooperate, exchange information and share their best practices.

CEER works very closely with the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), an official EU agency established in 2011 under the third energy package to ensure efficient cooperation between the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

CEER’s key objective is to promote the development of efficient electricity and gas markets and establish appropriate mechanisms to support their development. This association allows the European energy regulators to cooperate with one another, hold discussions, provide help to each other and exchange information. CEER is also responsible for preparing analyses, reports and research, likewise establishing expert knowledge that is a basis for discussing policy development issues with the EU institutions.

For more information about CEER, please visit: CEER website.


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