European Fora

Florence Forum

The Electricity Regulatory Forum (Florence Forum) was set up to create a common EU electricity market. The first meeting of the Forum was held in 1998. Since then, the Forum meets regularly once or twice a year and uses this great opportunity to exchange opinions and experience.

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Madrid Forum

In the gas sector, the European Gas Regulatory Forum (the so-called Madrid Forum) is an equivalent of the Florence Forum. The Madrid Forum was set up in 1999. Its meetings are held twice a year, however as of 2016 the Forum will meet once a year. The Forum addresses issues related to actions undertaken so far and recommends further activities aimed at integrating the European gas markets.

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London Forum

The idea to establish the Citizens’ Energy Forum (London Forum) emerged from the assessment of consumer’s energy market development. The formula of the Forum meeting was taken from other European energy forums, e.g. Florence Forum and Madrid Forum. The aim of the Forum is to provide support to consumers by highlighting problems they face as energy market participants and seek for solutions to such problems. The first Forum meeting was held on 28 October 2008 in London.

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Energy Infrastructure Forum

The aim of the Forum is to advance the development of trans-European energy infrastructure in the EU. The idea to establish Infrastructure Forum was provided for by the Energy Union package. The inaugural meeting will take place on 9-10 November in Copenhagen.


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